These are FairTrade masks and the profit from the sale of these masks will go to charity - we have already raised over £2000 for extremely vulnerable children in Zambia where we have strong links.


It's a washable, re-usable face covering made of recycled sari material, designed for non-medical use. It has a pocket for a filter to be placed, and wire to help it sit comfortably across the nose.

  • Two layers of fabric (recycled and disinfected saris)
  • Layers lined with polyester blended fusing
  • Pocket where layer(s) of tissue (paper or Kleenex type) are placed
  • Wire across the top to form the user's nose and face
  • Industrial grade elastic around ears holds the face covering in lace


  • Heavy metal free
  • Vegan, PETA approved
  • A WFTO Guaranteed Fair Trade product


The PeoplesMask is based on the HK Mask design, a joint venture between Dr K Kwong and local filtration and engineering companies in Hong Kong. It allows a disposable filter or tissue to fit inside a pocket of a re-usable face covering; recent laboratory tests have shown this increases the efficiency of the face covering to between 83% and 91%, depending on the thickness of the tissue inserted.

This initiative also aims to provide work for some of the thousands of artisans in Asia who have lost their jobs because of the lockdowns in their countries. It is a small step made by the global Fair Trade community in the fight against Covid-19. We are buying the PeoplesMask from a WFTO member in Sri Lanka. The production process follows guaranteed Fair Trade standards and the factory has been cleared by the local authorities for compliance under Covid-19 preventative measures.


Please note that now we are back open we are trying to update the stock of masks showing on the website regularly, but there may be occasion where the specific mask you request has sold out. If so we will contact you with an alternative or offer a refund. Thanks for your understanding.

Recycled Sari face masks, with wire and filter slot, Fair Trade for charity


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