We absolutely love the mugs by 'I am so Many Things' I know they are more than most of our other mugs, but they are so worth it and make a lovely gift.... 

The 'Seeds' mug has been designed to encourage us to plant seeds of truth about who God says we are, in our hearts.

Outside features a seed design, interspersed with life affirming 'I am' declarations such as:

I am pleasing to my heavenly Father, I am outrageously loved,, I am unique, I am not alone, I am an overcomer!

The text inside is revealed as the drink is drunk and encourages the drinker to plant these seeds of truth in their heart. (see images for full text).

It is the perfect present for men. women and children from 5 to 105.

Made from fine bone china, it comes in a generous  9cm x 9cm x 9cm size, and is also. Boxed

Seeds Mug


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